This is interesting. I'd be interested to see how the BBC iPlayer privacy policy is structured, since data protection laws require entities to state the purposes for which they are collecting information, and any third parties to whom they wish to disclose it. 

As a result, if the BBC want to use postcode information for enforcement purposes, at any time, they will need to state this in their privacy policy and get users to accept this before they can lawfully do so.

My colleague Fiona, our media adviser, has some interesting thoughts. She says, 'the BBC’s argument that they want to create a more personalised viewing experience – to match programmes to audiences based on their age, tastes and where they live – is persuasive. Why wouldn’t the BBC follow the global trend of tailor-made content viewing? On the other hand, I can’t see how sharing this information with a third party, such as the tv-licensing organisation, fits in with the creative reasoning.'

Definitely one to watch as the mandatory log in comes into force next year.