Interesting video below. 

The Uber ET claims are likely to be the start of a process of greater regulation of the “Gig Economy”. 

The legal claim being brought by the GMB (on behalf of the Uber drivers) is that they are not legally self employed (as Uber asserts) but should actually to be categorised as “workers” as Uber does exert a certain amount of control over their activities as drivers. 

The distinction is very important because if the drivers are “workers” then they would be entitled to basic employment rights such as paid annual leave, sickness pay and the right to receive the National Minimum Wage.

 In addition Theresa May has just appointed Mathew Taylor (who was Tony Blair’s former Policy chief) to undertake a review of employment rights in the “Gig Economy” sector so regardless of the actual outcome of the Uber litigation we can all expect some changes in this area in the near future.