Despite the millions spent by BT Sport and Sky on sports event coverage, it seems that viewing figures have been at an all time low. 

My colleague, Media expert Fiona Peet, and I recently discussed this after seeing the below interesting article.

Even live sport viewing, ‘[which was] one of the only types of content for which viewers will make an “appointment to view”’ may be under threat because of illegal streaming. 

Enforcing rights, particularly for sporting programmes, has been an issue for broadcasters for a while with the rise of satellite channels and online streaming. It remains to be seen how this new trend (if it is one) will affect decisions regarding rights enforcement. 

In America, NFL and the NBA have set up GamePass websites, which mean people can live stream/catch-up (turn off the scores)/watch interviews. This, in my view, is where sports TV in the UK will be heading.

Watch this space!