Our Human Resources Consultant Elaine Macaulay  considers the steps employers can take to help fathers achieve a greater equilibrium when it comes to balancing commitments at home and work following research from the University of Plymouth

Employers can:

  1. Ensure that policies on paternity leave, ordinary parental leave and shared parental leave are actively communicated so that fathers have every opportunity to become familiar with their rights and obligations.
  2. Give fathers the opportunity to work flexibly 
  3. Educate line managers both on the policies and on the benefits of flexible working
  4. Provide coaching to help fathers manage the competing demands of work and family.
  5. Have clear contingency, communication and and handover plans whilst father is on ordinary parental leave or shared parental leave
  6. Encourage 'keeping in touch' days with dad during parental leave absence
  7. Put in place a return-to-work plan to give the return-to- work dad a short period to adjust to his new routine.

One thing is for certain - to achieve true equilibrium, it is vital that employers provide support and flexibility in equal measure to parents regardless of gender.