Capital is proud to announce that our Senior Partner, Chris Nott, has been appointed as the new Prince's Ambassador for Responsible Business in Wales. 

Chris is a leading advocate for the development of the business environment in Wales and chair of the Welsh Government's Financial & Professional Service Sector Panel. In his new role, Chris will liaise directly between HRH The Prince of Wales and BITC Cymru to support the growth of responsible business movement in Wales. 

Chris comments, 'businesses have a responsibility to help others succeed. People often think there’s a clash between doing business and doing business responsibly. I don’t think there is, in fact, I think working responsibly (together) creates a powerful force that can positively impact clients, colleagues, communities, the environment and of course, the bottom line.'

So over the next couple of years, I’m going to meet people from different businesses to learn about what working responsibly means to them and share their experiences of doing so.'