Employers often spend a large amount of time drafting a fair disciplinary policy, but fail to give the same attention to training their staff to put it into practice. As a result, mistakes can be made leading to delayed decisions, wrong penalties, lengthy appeals hearings or in the worse case scenario, an employment tribunal claim.

So, just how familiar are your line managers in managing your disciplinary procedure. Do they know and understand the ACAS code of practice on handling grievance and disciplinary procedures and have they been trained to use the company policy and procedure?

Although a failure to follow the ACAS code does not in itself make an employer liable to proceedings, employment tribunals will take the code into account when considering relevant cases. The most common mistakes made include:

  • Not conducting a thorough investigation into the alleged offence
  • Not warning the employee of the possible consequences of the disciplinary
  • Including new allegations without investigating
  • Issuing a penalty without considering all the evidence sufficiently
  • Issuing an inappropriate penalty
  • Getting the reason for a dismissal wrong.

Capital Law and People are hosting an interactive Mock Disciplinary event on 27th September on how to handle misconduct allegations from start to finish.

Our employment law experts will form the ‘cast’ as the story unfolds, and explain the pitfalls to avoid so that you don’t find yourself in the same position.

  • Witness the procedures of a disciplinary hearing
  • Pick up on issues and mistakes which could prove costly if not avoided
  • Hear from a top employment law team
  • Network with like-minded HR and employment professionals

A great interactive day for all levels who have responsibility for conducting any stage of the disciplinary procedure.

Book on to our interactive Mock Disciplinary event now.