Our Construction, Energy & Projects Partner, Jeremy Williams and Paralegal, Sam O'Callaghan, look at the new NEC4 Alliance Contract. 

NEC4 has recently published its updated suite of contracts. There has been a large amount of comment already on the new form of contract - the Design Build and Operate Contract - as well as the Dispute Resolution Service.

Essentially, the updates to the suite of contracts can be summarised as remaining consistent with and developing the general approach of collaboration between parties to better manage the project.

Pushing this theme of collaboration further, NEC4 has released a draft form of Alliance Contract which is currently in its consultation stage. The proposed Alliance Contract is a standalone contract in which all members of the Alliance would enter.

How this would progress and whether it is ever actually used would certainly be interesting and whether all the parties could remain friends would be another matter!

The Alliance Contract can be requested in its consultancy form via the NEC4 website and worth a read in its current form.