As a champion of Capital’s Working Responsibly efforts, our Marketing Assistant, Rachael Williams, looks at a recent environmental campaign – and how it impacts us in Wales.

Surfers Against Sewage have a new campaign – and it’s one that resonates here in Wales, with our stunning coastlines and glorious beaches. We’re spoilt with soft sands and glistening seas - but anyone that’s been to the beach recently will’ve noticed an increase in plastic washing up on our shorelines. While hunting for items from the lost Lego shipment might be an exciting prospect for beachcombers, the reality is more likely to be shifting through microbeads and plastic bottles than finding a Lego pirate. And, as I walk through the park on my way to work, I see the culprits of the decline of marine wildlife all the time, bobbing determinedly on the sides of the River Taff. 

According to Surfers Against Sewage:

•The UK alone uses a staggering 38.5m single-use plastic bottles every day

•Plastic bags take roughly 100-300 years to break down depending on thickness and size

 •After we have thrown a straw away, it can last in the environment for hundreds of years

•Each person in the UK generates around 175kg of packaging waste every year

These are shocking statistics. We’re a nation of humans who’ve invented ways to connect with each other around the world, to be able to travel across every continent, every ocean – why can’t we deal with our rubbish responsibly?

It’s time to start looking closer to home.

So, I ask myself, what can I do? 

Well, Surfers Against Sewage are calling on individuals, schools and businesses to help make their towns and cities free of single-use plastic. We could adopt a five-point plan, which includes:

•Urging local government to lead change within their areas

•Remove at least three-single use plastic items, straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags or condiment sachets from local businesses

•Get other organisations to adopt the plastic free message

•Arrange community events, street or beach cleans

•Set up a steering group to coordinate the actions.

It’s time to look at our impact, and what we can do to drive this campaign. From swapping plastic milk bottles to glass, or bringing your own shopping bag, there’s lots to be done.

There’s a huge amount of uncertainty in our current climate – in all senses of the word. But, we’re not powerless in this. Just a few simple measures we can take in our everyday lives can have a dramatic difference on our planet. 

#JoinTheResistance for Plastic Free Coastlines.