The business world is made of leaders and followers. It’s a symbiotic relationship - one can’t exist without the other. And, let’s face it, following is often the easier option (as so often revealed on reality TV shows such as ‘The Apprentice’). 

Leaders who inspire change, motivate a team and encourage high performance need a specific set of skills. These skills are often left to be developed over time – and only once a person is in a leadership position. Organisations often expect a person’s natural born ability to lead to ‘kick in’, as they transition to a leadership role. But, an employee who’s displayed excellent technical skills won’t necessarily have a natural affinity for leadership skills.   

The good news is that the skills of leadership can be learnt. Harvard Business Review’s article, ‘Good Leaders Are Good Learners’, shows that leaders who are in learning mode themselves develop stronger leadership skills than their peers. 

Leaders with clear learning goals strive towards achieving these. They look for opportunities to apply their learning and progress towards the same goal. Developing a learning mode helps leaders review, reflect, and, if need be, change and focus on the next goal. 

Capital People have developed an ILM Aspiring Leaders programme. Our programme equips leaders with the capability, tools, knowledge, and vision to create employee engagement, drive strategy, achieve results, and deliver value to customers and shareholders.  

The course is made up of four one-day workshops and a 121-coaching programme, run over a six-month period. It explores deep rooted development needs and provides an opportunity to explore challenges, shift critical thinking and reflect. It then starts to put changes to behaviours that will result in enhanced management and leadership styles into practice. This intervention can propel development to the next level and encourage a greater, and quicker, return. Please see here for more information on our ILM Aspiring Leaders Development Programme