Our Senior Partner, Chris Nott, gives his view on whether the rise in homelessness has been driven by welfare reforms.

It’s apparent that homelessness is an ever-growing issue in our society. The question is no longer should we be helping, but rather, what can we do?

It’s impossible to pin point one cause for this epidemic, and doing so oversimplifies the problem. There’s no doubt that the Government’s decisions can have a negative impact on the most vulnerable in society, and we do need to scrutinise those decisions and their outcomes.

But, we also need to look at the other factors that contribute to the situation, and come up with ideas as to how we can try to alleviate them.

Llamau and Capital’s event next Wednesday will touch upon many of the contributing factors to understand the multi-faceted nature of the problem. We hope it’ll be the first step of many to engage the business community by listening and learning about the problem at hand. 

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