Universal Studios released Jurassic World in 2016.  It was a great success and, following its release, Universal wanted to trade mark the phrase ‘Raptor Squad’. – presumably in reference to several scenes with lead actor, Chris Pratt, taming three Velociraptor dinosaurs. The popularity of these ‘Raptor Squad’ moments, particularly as internet memes, led Universal to seek trade mark registration for the phrase, to capitalise on its electronic toy vehicles.

Unfortunately for Universal, car dealer Ford already has a range of licenced toys called Raptors, based on its F150 Raptor pickup truck. Ford is concerned that Universal’s use of the term could lead to confusion among their younger target audience, who might confuse Universal’s ‘Raptor Squad’ with their own toy vehicles.

The Drive, a vehicle reviewer, approached Ford for comment. Mr Bradley Carroll, spokesperson for Ford stated:

We continue to have conversations with Universal over the use of the Raptor trade mark, specifically when it comes to the use in naming toy vehicles, which Ford already had in the marketplace”. He went on to say, “There isn’t a dispute, just folks trying to clarify the use of ‘Raptor’ on toy vehicles. We anticipate we will reach an agreement that will work for all parties involved”.

So, feelings between the parties haven’t yet turned sour. They seem to be engaging in amicable discussions to resolve the issue, and any legal action seems beyond the horizon for now.

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