As Nippybus makes the headlines with its owner’s dramatic exit, Associate Esyllt Green shares the employment law view.

Employment legislation exists to protect employees from exactly this type of situation. 

Nippybus’ owner has a duty of care, and responsibility, towards his employees – and that’s all part and parcel of being a small business owner. 

From the nature of his departure, and the extremity of his communications, it’s likely that his feelings on this didn’t arise overnight. Did he consult with his staff about how he was feeling? Or try to implement training or development? 

If not, perhaps he should’ve done - he might’ve been pleasantly surprised by the suggestions and input from his workforce. 

Happily, this sort of situation is the exception – and that’s why it’s made the news. Employers can benefit hugely from engaging with their staff, and taking on their views and suggestions. A more collaborative approach is becoming the norm, and employment legislation supports that.