Our employment law expert, Susanne Matthissen, takes a look at the ICO's newly launched GDPR  service for small businesses.

On Wednesday 1st November, the Information Commissioner’s Office launched its dedicated advice line to help small organisations prepare for the new data protection laws. The service is aimed at charities and smaller businesses who are struggling to prepare for the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition to the new phone line, the ICO is also planning to simplify its popular ’12 steps to take now’ to be able to help prepare small businesses and start-ups with targeted information.

The ICO is also reviewing its simple guide for SMEs which allows organisations to identify where there are gaps when it comes to their GDPR preparations.

All businesses need to be prepared for GDPR, and the earlier plans are put into place the easier the regulations will be. However, we understand that for some small businesses, it can seem overwhelming and is difficult to know where to start. To take a look at our services, and how we can tailor our training to you, please see here.