Our Employment law trainee, Gethin Bennett, takes a look at the recently launched employment tribunal fees reimbursement scheme.

Following the landmark decision by the Supreme Court which found that the fees imposed by the ET were unlawful, some former claimants may now start the process of receiving a refund.

The reimbursement scheme (which is set to last around 4 weeks) will begin by the Government contacting around 1,000 people to start the refund application process. As part of this, Trade Unions involved in large multiple claims are also being approached.

With Parliament estimating the total cost of refunds, including interest, to be in the region of £33m, it's now a waiting game as we anticipate the full details of the wider scheme.

In particular, it's still not clear how the Government will treat individuals who were put off from bringing a claim in the first place as a result of the fee, or for those whose claim did not progress because of non-payment of the hearing fee.

The verdict awaits…

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