For this month's Employment law update, our lawyers take a look at a wide variety of high profile cases, from whether the separation of boys and girls at a faith school amounts to discrimination, to the Employment Tribunal fee reimbursement scheme. 

Take a look at this month's updates below. 

Generous new leave allowance for bereaved parents in the pipeline

Does the separation of boys and girls at a faith school amount to discrimination?

The Employment Tribunal (ET) fee reimbursement scheme

New guidance from the Home Office on Modern Slavery requirements

Changes to Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fees and registration expected with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Can the failure to consider the circumstances of a breastfeeding worker as part of a workplace risk assessment amount to sex discrimination?

Can employment tribunals consider discrimination claims brought against qualification bodies like the General Medical Council?

When assessing the reason for dismissal, is it just the decision-maker’s state of mind that needs to be considered?

Can an employer refuse to employ a job applicant because of prior trade union involvement?

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