Christmas lights and twinkles have long since faded from memory. The short daylight hours of January linger on, with grey skies, torrential rain and a depressingly familiar weather forecast for the week ahead. Despite seeing a couple of snowdrops popping up this morning in the front garden, spring seems an eternity away. So, I wasn't surprised to discover that today is known as 'Blue Monday' - the most depressing day of the year. With New Year resolutions still ringing in our heads, it's often the time of year where we seek change, and something new.

But, as employers, how can we tap into this mindset, and make sure that our employees stay motivated, fresh thinking and engaged? The below article gives some good ideas, especially around dialogue and communication. Now's the time to have meaningful one to ones, agree new objectives and challenges that are both stretching and achievable, and to ask the question 'what's on your mind at the moment?' Treating your staff well, and investing time in getting to really understand them at this time of year, could help you reap benefits as you head into spring.