The world of work is changing - and none more so than the world of recruitment. 

Traditional recruitment practices are changing to keep on top of advancing technology and candidate expectations. The traditional, and more transactional, approach of ‘advertise and apply’ is being succeeded by a ‘find and engage’ preference - a more human approach, where relationship building, culture fit, and career aspirations take priority.

Some trends to look out for in 2018 include:

  • Increasing diversity and inclusion productivity
  • Changes to interview techniques
  • Virtual reality to enhance both candidate’s profile and career websites
  • Job auditions, like allowing a candidate to sit in ‘virtual’ mock client meeting
  • Casual settings to really get to know the candidate
  • AI candidate screening to accelerate short-listing

In this article for HR Director, Jon Addison, Head of Talent Solutions at Linked In, describes these emerging trends in more detail.