Yesterday Forbes published its list of the top 100 highest paid athletes across the world. Here's our Gender Pay Gap expert, Alex's, thoughts. 

What may (or may not) surprise you is that the list comprised entirely of men. Of all 100 listed, there is not one woman.  

When you look at the list in more detail, those earning the big bucks tend to come from the more male-dominated sports such as boxing, football, and Formula 1 and their income also includes sponsorship deals and the like. OK you might think, that explains it – but should this explanation still be acceptable? Much has been done to raise the profile of women’s sports and in doing so, it has increased the overall earning potential for sportswomen. 

But as with most pay equality issues, there is clearly much more than can and must be done.

This evening, we're hosting a round table event sharing thoughts on how employers can tackle gender pay gaps. If you're interested, click below to join the discussion.